thank you, my penis is FINE!!!!

For reasons that are beyond me, it appears millions of folks out there are concerned about my penis.
I wish to state that in all manners, my penis is fine.

It seems like some would prefer that I have avocado-sized doodads, 45" hydraulics, the rigidity of of structural steel, be harder than Chinese algebra, harness the desire of a meth-junkie on a four day jones, and the stamina to consider the Baatan death march a warm up...

I find that in all aspects, my penis is fine.

Cough!I wanted to let you know I went to my doctor.  I turned my head and politely coughed.  I checked out fine, so your concern, while touching is not necessary.

I don't want your Viagra
I don't need your damned Cyalis
Your Tantra is not welcome
I don't need to be a tripod

Thank you, my penis is fine!

How about a haiku?

Viagra for all?
thank you my penis is fine
smiling, full of love